Together Tuesday #1: Invest in Your Marriage!

Invest in your marriage.

Marriage can be indescribably wonderful but getting to that point requires ongoing investments on the parts of both husband and wife.  When a man and woman make a commitment to each other, it must be with the understanding that they are both going to do whatever it takes to make their marriage last.

Many treat marriage as though it were an underground bunker-virtually indestructible and requiring little to no maintenance-when in fact, we should treat marriage as though it were a priceless house that requires your constant attention in order to keep it at tip-top shape and even increase its value. You invest in your house, you invest in your bank account, and you need to invest in your marriage.

Invest by spending time with your spouse. Invest by complimenting each other. Invest by telling each other things that you love about each other. There are millions of ways to “upkeep” your marriage and, like your house, it does demand your attention. So pick one investment strategy today and:

Make your marriage more….together.



  1. I always thought of marriage as a small business. You got your long range planning, short range planning, financial dept, community building/HR dept, etc. You need to look at the skill sets and assign duties based on skills and identify what skills need to be learned. You have your job descriptions, meetings to adjust course…etc. It doesn’t sound very romantic and loving but maybe with the logistics in place the romance and love can flourish as needed. Interesting post!!!


  2. AGREED! If couples would remember the way they acted as newlyweds, and compare it to the way they act decades later, they would be shocked at the difference. Most couples made their marriage a priority in the early years. That should not change once 10, 15, 20 years have passed.


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